• You Can Own Vokez
    And have the power to vote

The Vokez Security Token Offering

We are pleased to announce that one of the first issuances on our security token platform will be an offering of Basic Equity in Vokez.

What does Basic Equity mean?

Basic Equity means:

  • Your tokens represent ownership of Vokez

  • The holder of a Vokez security token is a member of the company

  • The holders of these tokens will have voting rights

  • The holders of these tokens will receive dividends

Who are the owners of Vokez

The owners of Vokez are the people who join Vokez by making a security token purchase, the founders of Vokez, the rest current Vokez team, and some future employees.

By using security tokens as a representation of ownership in Vokez, the ownership of Vokez will be divided in the following manner:

  • 60% of ownership will be held by those who join Vokez via our STO (Security Token Offering)

  • 20% of ownership will be divided by the founders of Vokez

  • 10% of ownership will be divided amongst the rest of the member of the current Vokez team

  • 10% of ownership will be designated to future employees of Vokez the Company.

They are the Owners.

Basic Equity Offering

Offering Type
Basic Equity
Minimum Investment
0.26 BTC
Maximum Investment
Fund Raising Goal
$650k - $800k

Token Distribution Schedule

After joining the STO, when will you receive your tokens?
Q2 2019
Q3 2019
Q4 2019

About Vokez:

Vokez is a multinational group of developers and other talented people who have decided to create the security token platform called The State

We have been working on the idea and developing prototypes to test our design theories for over a year now.

We so strongly believe in the potential of security tokens, that we decided that we would use the The State as a tool for the organization, incorporation, and direction of Vokez the Company.

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